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Connecting and inspiring employees
through the power of communication

Connected employees.
Productive employees.
A stronger bottom line.

Break down organizational silos.
Strengthen communication.
Revitalize your culture.

“The most creative problem solvers are those who
draw from more diverse streams of information.”

— John Pollack, ROI team member and author of the new book Shortcut

Fast Company discusses this powerful best seller

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ROI Communication Benchmark

2013 ROI Communication Benchmark

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The most comprehensive report on the state of employee communications at large companies reveals what the most powerful communication levers are for improving financial performance. Learn about these and other key insights to improve communication in your organization!

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Analogies Are a Powerful Communication Tool
Hot Off the Press, Featured in Fast Company

Shortcut, Analogies Are a Powerful Communication Tool - byJohn Pollack

Check out this new book by ROI team member, John Pollack, presidential speechwriter, master storyteller and messaging expert!

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